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Varicose Vein Ultrasound in Glendale Arizona
Ultrasound Exam

Venous Ultrasound and reflux study is commonly performed as the first step.

Ultrasound is like an anatomical road map which identifies the source of vein problems.


Compression Hose

Compression hose are commonly custom fit in our office to alleviate vein symptoms as well as comply with Insurance company requirements.

Our staff will walk you through the use of compression hose as well as the reasons for their use


Vein Screenings

Vein Screenings are offered to allow patients access to Ultrasound and potential Vein care.


Deep Vein Screenings

Routinely offered to referring Physicians and hospital systems to allow for diagnosis and treatment.


Follow up Exam

Done in person or via telemedicine in compliance with current protocols.

Your Ultrasound findings will be explained as well as correlation of your symptoms to your findings.

Potential treatment plans will be discussed.

Our authorization specialists will walk you through Insurance company requirements as well.


Treatment options

Dr Smiths preferred method of Vein Closure is RFA technology.

Videos of these procedures are included in our website.

Injectable therapy is often performed to close Varicose veins and associated branches after the source of reflux has been treated.

Videos of these procedures are also included in our website.

What to Expect

Our procedures are routinely performed without sedation needed. 

The majority of patients drive themselves and return to work or normal activity the same day with minor restrictions.

Our staff is specifically trained in the treatment and diagnosis of Venous Disease.

Dr. Smith has performed over 15000 Vein procedures and is considered to be one of the Top Vein Surgeons by many sources.

Wound care is also done in our office in our association with Dr. Michael Berman and Valley Wound care.

We do not employ mass marketing tactics as many other groups do and have relied on medical professional referrals and word of mouth as a basis for our practice.

Quite a few of our patients have been treated elsewhere with unsatisfactory results.

We take your care seriously and strongly encourage you to research the background and input of prior evaluations.

We commonly perform second opinions at medical professional and patient requests.

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